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Month: June 2018

Star Wars Legion T-47 Airspeeder

While I haven’t gotten into the Star Wars Legion game quite yet, I picked up a model of the T-47 Airspeeder, best known as the iconic Snowspeeder from the Battle of Hoth from Episode IV. This model is from Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion line of miniatures and is scaled for 25mm humans, roughly 1/72 model scale. This airspeeder will be part of a snowscape diorama that will be presented as a gift but this post focuses on the airspeeder itself.

The model required only minor assembly, giving you the choice of airbrakes in open or closed position as well as a choice of rear-mounted weapon, either the classic harpoon gun or a blaster.

The casting was quite good although there were very visible mold lines along the rear heat dispersion fins. Since there are quite a few of the fins, it was pretty tedious to clean them up.

Mold lines on rear fins (shavings are from scraping tool)

I started with an airbrushed primer coat of Badger Stynylrez Gray Primer followed by Minitaire 105 Dusty Ground mixed with 106 Desolate Beach. Metallic portions were painted with Vallejo Chainmail mixed with black.

Masking for red-orange stripes

Since this is only my second model attempting weathering, I went a little too far before I remembered to lay down a layer of satin coat before proceeding with washes and pigments.

Initial base colors with minimal weathering and satin coat

I went for a heavily weathered looked, like the snowspeeders from the Battle of Hoth with lots of chipped edging as well as oil and rust stains.

T-47 Airspeeder (right side)

I went back over portions of the model with an airbrush, laying down dark gray in areas that would have been blackened with smoke or carbon staining such as the blaster cannon tips, around the repulsor drive unit intakes and rear thrusters.

T-47 Airspeeder (front)

T-47 Airspeeder (rear)

Windows were painted with a very dark green-blue with subtle gradient up to a dark grayish blue to represent a reflected horizon/sky. A more realistic reflection would probably have been high contrast white and black to represent the snowy landscape of Hoth, but I’ll have to work up to that skill level.

T-47 Airspeeder (left side)

Nemesis Light Strike Vehicle

This 15mm scale Nemesis is from Clearhorizon Miniatures. It’s a multi-part resin kit of a stealthy, light armored recon vehicle. The original 3D model sculpt is by Steve “Coolhand” Tyler.

The model has an aggressive, “crouched” stance that looks like a cat ready to pounce. It looks like it would be able to handle pretty rough terrain with the knobby wheels mounted on articulated armatures. Details on the hull are good with distinct panel lines, ports, hatches and louvers. Additional details include a low-profile turret atop the hull and a winch with cable spool at the front.

Nemesis Light Strike Vehicle

The model is composed of five pieces which were relatively cleanly molded. Unfortunately, the mold quality on the right side of the main body was pretty muddy with much of the fine details lost.

Muddy detail along right side

For the turret, I was able to hollow out a space for a neodymium magnet and nail head to allow for rotation.

Nemesis with Talos Troopers for scale

This was my first attempt at heavily weathering a vehicle using pigment powders for applying a filter layer and dust buildup. The light tan and pale gray/green disruptive camo pattern has been largely lost under the layers of weathering so I’ll probably need to exercise more restraint in the future. The filter layer definitely brings the colors together, a little too much in this case. Next time I’ll choose a higher contrast between the colors of the camo pattern.

Nemesis Light Strike Vehicle

Nemesis with Marine Combat Controller

Talos Exo Suits – Heavy Weapons Squad

This is a pack of Talos heavy armored infantry from White Dragon Miniatures Marine Tactical Unit line. The pack comes with four troopers and one drone.

According to the flavor text from White Dragon, two of the troopers are escorts armed with carbines, one being magazine fed and the other belt-fed. One heavy weapon trooper is armed with a 2mm railgun for pinpoint fire against vehicles or mechs while the other wields a 30mm shoulder-mounted HEAT cannon for taking out armored or entrenched targets.

30mm HEAT gunner, two escorts and railgunner

Rear View (note: drone on backpack of second trooper)

I don’t have the stand-alone drone miniature pictured here, but one of the escort troopers has a drone attached to his backpack. The drone looks suspiciously similar to a DJI Mavic Pro in its folded state, which is a cool little detail the designer slipped in.

The miniatures are up to the typical high quality of White Dragon with only a few spots where details seemed a bit mushy. Two of the troopers have subtle “stairstepping” on some upper flat surfaces that appear to be artifacts from 3D printing. There were slight mold lines that needed cleaned up, so I’m assuming the mold master was 3D printed and these miniatures are molded using a conventional process.

Second trooper has extra magazines attached to leg armor

I went for an arid desert color scheme on this squad. I’ve become quite a fan of Badger’s Stynylrez Airbrush Primers and I used a combination of black base coat, followed by highlights of gray and white applied using zenithal coverage from above. I then used Badger Minitaire Mummy as the base color which I airbrushed on and shadows picked out with GW Nuln Oil. Highlights were then applied using Vallejo Bone White.

Another side view

This is the first time I used Vallejo Diorama Effects Heavy Dirt as a basing material instead of sprinkling sand over white glue. The texture is quite nice, easy to brush on and gives more predictable results than the sand and white glue technique.

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