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Month: May 2018

Proteus Frontline Battle Mech with Chaingun

This is my second Proteus Frontline Battle Mech from White Dragon Miniatures. This model is the chaingun variant and has a more active stance than the cannon version. The mech’s torso is rotated to the left with the chaingun clearly being aimed rather than held at rest.

As with my last Proteus model, I added a whip antennae instead of the included radar array assembly since I thought the radar diverted attention from the mech’s head, which is a really interesting wedge shape.

Proteus Battle Mech with Chaingun

For some reason, this version seemed to have more prominent print lines from the 3d printing process. They are very small and subtle but noticeable upon close inspection. I suspect I didn’t see these lines on my last Proteus because I used a rattle can of GW Black Primer whereas I airbrushed on Badger Stynylrez Black Primer for a much finer basecoat on this model.

I had success with some tips from commenter Ryan, who had left some advice in the comments of another post about getting better results with decals by using a decal softener fluid. By laying down a gloss varnish, then applying the decal and softener, it was clear that the decal adhered much better to the model. And I didn’t get a telltale white fringe around the edges of the decal material after I applied a coat of Testor’s Dull-Cote. Thanks, Ryan!

Decal on thigh of right leg

I did such a crummy job on patching up a flaw on the right shoulder/ammo box that I’m going to model some battle damage with scratched paint and exposed metal edges to cover it up.

Shoddy patchwork on shoulder

You can faintly see some of the horizontal print lines on the ammo belt but I don’t think it detracts from the model at all. In fact, I think it adds some nice visual texture.

Looking down the barrel(s)

Side by side: Cannon & Chaingun

I went for a lighter shade of green on this model, as you can see from the side-by-side image. The colors become darker and less saturated lower on the model with the head and upper torso having the lightest shades.

Marine Tactical Unit: Fire Team Charlie

This is the third set of White Dragon Miniatures depicting Marine Tactical Unit troopers. Fire Team Charlie is a heavy weapons unit equipped with missile launchers called MIPAWs.

MAIN INDIVIDUAL PORTABLE ASSAULT WEAPON: Another weapon which can be utilised by the Fireteams is the MIPAW. This is a large shoulder fired weapon able to launch an explosive missile up to a kilometre unguided, or can lock onto a friendly designated signal or ‘painted target’, further away. The MIPAW is designed to be lightweight and easily portable by a small team, allowing it to retain the flexibility of the host squad, as its low-recoil gives it the ability it to be fired on the move.

The fire team consists of a commander, a trooper with a comms backpack (possibly a combat controller), two MIPAW-equipped troopers, and finally, two more troopers, each holding a missile ready to load.

Fireteam Charlie (Front)

For this squad, I chose a darker color scheme closer to what I used for the Armadillo Support Mech, with a base of Vallejo Gunship Green. I’ve found that you really need to exaggerate the highlights and details on these 15mm models since they are so small when viewed at normal tabletop distances.

Fireteam Charlie (Rear)

Once again, White Dragon has done a fantastic job with incredible detail and great poses in this pack. I’d love to get my hands on the 28mm versions of the MTU troopers if they ever offer them for sale on the website.

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