X-Wing 1/144

Hobbies, Model Kits / Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

This is the companion to the previously posted Y-Wing. I started the X-Wing with a base coat of Stynylrez Black Primer followed by a coat of Minitaire Skull White which is the next lightest gray in the Minitaire line from Dusty Ground, which is what I used for the Y-Wing. I used a variety of reference for this model, but I didn’t try to keep it accurate to any particular studio model. I hadn’t realized the amount of variety between the paint jobs and markings of the various X-Wing models in the movies until I started researching reference. The biggest influence on this paint job is Luke’s Red Five, but I ended up using four stripes for squadron markings, essentially making this model Red Four.

Masking the X-Wing is very time consuming due to the large number of colored panels on the hull and wings. I ended up using a variety of gray and tan shades for the various panels all over the fuselage and wings.

Masking the side stripes
Base colors before weathering

While masking the lower starboard laser cannon I accidentally broke the thin forward half of the tube and had to replace it with a length of wire. Coring out the rear laser tube was tricky, but it turned out fine.

One of the challenges with 1/144 scale is getting the weathering and stains appropriately scaled. I’ve found that a regular sponge is overly coarse so I opted for small makeup sponges which have a finer texture.

Weathering applied
With a penny for scale
Red Four and Gold Leader
Rear quarter view
T-65B Multi-role Starfighter
R2 Unit was tricky to paint

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