Paint Rack Concept Revision 4

Hobbies / Monday, July 9th, 2018

I went back to the drawing board for another design based on what I learned from revisions 1 through 3. The biggest change is that I’m adding two more shelves and reducing the width from 20″ (50cm) to 16″ (40cm). This will allow me to fit three racks side-by-side in my workspace. Revisions 2 and 3 were purely digital design iterations where I was experimenting with additional shelves and widths.

This version also adds the following features:

  • Cut-outs that will allow more light to enter from the rear for better illumination of paint color.
  • Additional support spine.
  • Modified some part dimensions to allow for more efficient material use when being laser cut.
Revision 04
Three paint racks, side-by-side

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