Naval Fleet Courier

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Taking what I learned from the previous model, I created an updated version of the Type S Scout/Courier model with the aim of improving detail in key areas as well as adding features to improve the “paintability”.

It’s also the first time that I attempted to create my own water-slide decals.

Background for Traveller Fans

This model depicts a fleet courier, part of the Imperium’s 193rd Fleet, based in the Deneb Sector. This craft shows the wear and tear of heavy action during the Fifth Frontier War and has the “Bridled Steed” emblem of House Aledon emblazoned on the hull, denoting it was based out of a Regency Naval Base after Archduke Norris Aledon’s elevation to commander of the Imperial forces in the Spinward Marches in 1109.

Turnaround of the new model

Improvements to the 3D Model

I made a number of changes based on what I learned from the previous model.

  • Increased the size of small details on the hull
  • Deepened some ports and crevices to better hold washes
  • Added inset panels for cargo area
  • Extruded the portions of the hull along the leading edges to make accurate masking easier
  • Added landing gear with optional covered bays or extended gear
  • Added a beam turret
  • Unified aft panel and thrusters as a single component since separate thrusters was unnecessary
  • Hollowed out more of the hull and reduced the amount of resin required by 20%.
  • Deepened the flight stand post and added an interior bolster column within the hollow hull
Details of decals and the new turret

Painting Masks and Decals

I exported a scaled 2D vector design of the model and brought that into Affinity Designer to add hull markings and text.

Vector Decal Template

I then created airbrush painting masks for some of the larger elements like the hull stripes, unicorn emblem and cargo bay markings. For the smaller elements such as arrows, circles and hazard bars, I printed these on laser waterslide decal paper.

Since it’s impossible to print white on a laser printer unless you have Ghost White Toner (which I have on order), I could only create decals for the smaller markings that didn’t have white in them. Unfortunately, without a white backings, the colors (beside black) are translucent and appear desaturated on darker surfaces.

I also failed to use a decal setter, so some of the decals “silvered” when clear coated later. I picked up some Micro Set and Micro Sol to hopefully remedy this situation in the future.

Side by side: original Imperial Scout and Regency Fleet Courier

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