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Proteus Frontline Battle Mech with Cannon

This is one of the larger models from White Dragon’s line of Marine Tactical Unit 15mm miniatures. There are currently three weapon variants: cannon, chaingun and railgun. The version pictured below is the cannon variant.

Proteus Frontline Battle Mech

The model is cast from resin and is very accurate with minimal mold lines and flash. Assembly is a bit tricky to ensure that the ammo feed, cannon and arms all align correctly, so it took a little experimentation and dry fitting.

During assembly, one of the “toes” on the left foot broke off and it took a while to find. Luckily, I was able to drill and pin it for a solid fit. Another issue I encountered was that the cannon was warped and it took a bit of immersion in hot water and bending to get it straighter. It’s still not perfectly straight, but I didn’t want to risk snapping the cannon in half.

Repaired foot

The model comes with two head variants, one being very minimalist and the other (pictured here) has more details.

The design of the model is great, with an angular, functional aesthetic that reminds of the mechs from Front Mission and Metal Gear Solid. Lots of great details like smoke launchers plus optional parts like a radar array that sits atop the module behind the head. I chose not to use the radar array and instead put a long boom antennae to the left of the head.

Rear of Proteus

I went for a monochromatic color scheme using Vallejo Panzer Green with little dashes of yellow, white, pale gray and olive drab. I’m currently awaiting decals so that I can finish detailing the model out. I pinned the model to a Secret Weapon 40mm base.

Closer look at the top/front

Proteus with MTU Troopers for scale

I also have the chain gun version of the Proteus which I haven’t assembled yet. I may experiment with a camo color scheme for that one.

White Dragon’s Marine Tactical Unit Miniatures

I recently discovered the Marine Tactical Unit (MTU) 15mm miniatures line by White Dragon Miniatures. Theses are fantastic sculpts with an incredible amount of detail and really nice designs.

As you can see below, the detail in the sprue of MTU troopers is readily apparent when placed next to the 1970s era Traveller miniatures.

2018 vs 1978 miniatures

The MTU infantry are available as three fire teams, Alpha, Bravo and Charlie, each of which contains six troopers, all with different poses. The troopers are in suits of non-powered, full-body armor. Weapons appear to be kinetic rifles, DMRs and machine guns.

I painted these in a light camo green (Vallejo Camo Green), similar in tone to the Mjolnir armor worn by Master Chief and the Spartans from the Halo universe. Details washed in with shading ink (GW Nuln Oil) and gun details picked out with careful dry brushing. Bases are 20mm fender washers from Ace Hardware coated with white tacky glue and then sprinkled with sand and then inked and dry brushed.

Fire Team Alpha

Fire Team Bravo

There are also sets of heavier, powered armor suits called Talos Exo Suits, that are significantly bulkier and more intimidating that the standard MTU troopers. The Talos troopers are equipped with large power packs integrated into the armor that power their weapons. Weapons appear to be fusion rifles, a belt-fed grenade launcher and a flamer. The stubby antennae on each model is very easy to break. I had to replace one with a short length of wire pushed into a hole drilled with a pin vise.

Talos Exo Suits

Talos Exo Suits, rear view

White Dragon has quite a few more sets of MTU infantry as well as mechs, drones, vehicles and terrain. Looking forward to getting my hands on these!

15mm Sci-Fi Miniatures

As a kid, my first encounter with 15mm miniatures was at the local Swap Meet, where a local gaming store, Comic Castle, had a spot where they sold games and miniatures. My first purchase was a set of 15mm adventurers from the Traveller Sci-Fi RPG universe manufactured by Martian Metals. Due to the small scale of the miniatures, details were muddy, but my imagination was ignited and these are probably the first miniatures I ever attempted to paint.

Martian Metals Adventurers, Set #2001

Amazingly, I still have many of the miniatures from that original set. As you can see, my skills and tools at the time didn’t make for impressive results.

Some of my original set of adventurers

A year or so later, I obtained a game called Snapshot, a set of close combat skirmish rules also set in the Traveller universe. Snapshot had a set of starship deck plans scaled for 15mm minis and thus began my fascination with table-top gaming.

Snapshot, 1979 Edition

Along the way, I got into D&D as well as a host of other RPGs and other sci-fi and fantasy games. The next major focus on miniatures came with the debut of Warhammer 40K from Games Workshop and their colossal range of 28mm minis which continues expanding to this day. However, for the past 20 years, I’ve found it difficult to spend much time on this hobby, between work and family commitments. And 15mm minis had largely become a forgotten relic of my childhood.

Fast forward almost 40 years and I bumped into 15mm miniatures again while investigating 3D printers. I’ve always wanted to design and fabricate my own models and prototype objects that I’ve modeled in 3D and I was looking into the Form2 from FormLabs. a high resolution STL (stereolithography) 3D printer that raised the bar for what’s possible on the desktop within its price range.

One of the things I discovered was that the Form2 was being used to create prototypes and mold masters for miniatures due to its high resolution, excellent software and reliability. It seemed that many miniature manufacturers had embraced 3D design and were creating their designs digitally, giving rise to a quantum leap in detail that had not been possible using conventional techniques.

In any event, this led to me to discovering a number of great 15mm sci-fi miniature lines which has sparked my interest in miniature painting again. Granted, my time for this hobby is very limited, but I’ve always found it to be it relaxing and meditative. Hopefully, I can spend a little time on this again and I’ll be posting photos of more recent work.

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